How to participate or contribute to our community? You have documents of the plane type or lubrication diagram, lubrication chart, fact sheet, technical specifications, or technical document related to cars, trucks, airplanes, motorcycles, tractors or motor vehicle, and you want to share all the world's Internet users and / or all lovers of these old cars?

Send them to us! For that several solutions :

Solution 1: Scan (or photograph) the documents that you want to send us to the email address in a satisfactory quality

(For information: this corresponds to a capacity of 200 to 300 DPI or a sheet

A4 1700x2350 pixels JPG format).

It should be noted that certain documents of the type lubrication chart refer to accompanying documents (lists of information, documents or giving interpretation measurement units ds published information), it must then join the annexes to the original document.

Solution 2: Please contact the association at:

There are also other ways to help us in our project:

Feel free to let us know from the club you belong to, by sharing website to your friends enthusiasts via the URL our website for all to enjoy this wealth of information.

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